Why You Should Drink Your Coffee Black

Why You Should Drink Your Coffee Black

Hey folks, let's take a few minutes to talk about why you should drink your coffee black. This stems primarily from the caloric difference between black coffee and what happens when you add sweeteners, cream or milk.

Let's begin by reviewing the nutritional content of black coffee.

black coffee

You can see that black coffee has 3 calories without any additive in a 10 oz cup. Some sources say 1 calorie, others 5 calories. Let's agree it's not very much. You'll also know that it does not contain any carbohydrates, and only trace amounts of protein and fat. There are also trace minerals and vitamins. 

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This is in sharp contrast to adding any sweetener (granulated sugar, honey, agave nectar,stevia or splenda) as well as dairy (cream, skim milk or coffee mate). Below you can see the nutritional content of each of these products listed. 

granulated sugar honey agave necatr
stevia splenda

In the above you will note that granulated sugar has 15 calories per serving, honey has 60 and agave nectar has 60. Looking at stevia and splenda we see no calories.

half and half, milk, coffee mate

Here we note that 1 serving of half and half has at least 17 calories, skim milk 30 and coffee mate as much as 110 calories. So what right, all of this adds up to at most 200 calories in a cup of coffee. That's nothing? Well...

extraplolate out to 1 year

When you extrapolate 1 cup per day out to 1 year, you can see the scale of these additives. Black coffee has 730 calories if you drink 1 cup per day for a year (based on an old calculation of 2 calories per serving). 

When you add sugar, you get to 16,000 calories per year (4.7 lbs), honey or agave nectar 21,000 calories per year (6.25 lbs). That's a lot of extra calories! With splenda and stevia you do not have added calories, so those are probably the way to go if you need to add a sweetener. I will add that stevia is more 'natural' and probably preferred.

Looking at the creamers; we see that adding half and half adds 12,410 calories per year (3.5 lbs), skim milk 10,950 calories (3.1 lbs). My math on the coffee mate was made off 7 calories per serving and not 110, which gives you a very different number obviously. Either way, all of these add (in my opinion) unnecessary calories to your daily coffee intake!

If you can teach yourself to drink your coffee black, you will decrease your calorie intake and potentially help work towards your goal of weight loss!

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