The Best Method to Get Rid of Warts at Home

The Best Method to Get Rid of Warts at Home

Let’s take a few minutes to talk to you about warts and how you can get rid of them. They are caused by an infection with the HPV virus or human papillomavirus. Most commonly, this will occur by coming in contact with a wart or something that has touched warts. If you have a cut or scrape on your skin, you’ll increase your risk of the infection. Warts can occur anywhere, but are more common on areas that are at increased risk for cuts and scrapes and that’s why you see them on hands/feet most often.


Generally speaking, warts are a very benign process and are treated for cosmetic purposes. Rarely, they may need to be biopsied by a physician. If you have any question(s) about your warts or if you’re not sure if they are warts, please consult your doctor.

Warts can be notoriously difficult to get rid of. However with some consistency, perseverance, and patience virtually all warts can be gotten rid of. This is best done at night by following these 4 steps:

  1. Soak. This causes them to become soft, like your fingertips do after doing the dishes.
  2. Scrape. You should use a nail file or emery board to scrape down the dead part of the wart.
  3. Acid. After the scraping, apply a small amount of compound W or 17% salicylic acid. You can easily obtain this over the counter at your local pharmacy.
  4. Bandage. After applying the acid, place a bandage on top to protect the affected area and prevent other areas of your body from touching the treatment site.

Wart Treatment Options

If you follow these 4 simple steps every night you will increase your chances of getting rid of your warts. It requires patience and can take weeks and months. If your warts become red and inflamed, discharge pus or bleed uncontrollably, seek medical attention. If you’re not having any luck with this home remedy, make an appointment with your physician.

There are many other options to treat warts in a doctors office, this includes

  • Freezing them (cryotherapy)
  • Scrape and burn them off (curettage and desiccation)
  • Laser therapy
  • Cantharidin (blister beetle extract)
  • Candida injection
  • Imiquimod cream
  • Condylox
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